the anchor takrut I Khai necklace

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The anchor takrut I Khai with faith hope love luck fang back pendant necklace.

Ai Khai Dek Wat Chedi, is a Thai Animist/Necromantic Child Ghost Deity, who is said to be the spirit of a young ten year old Samanera Monk. It is believed that Ai Khai was a young Samanera Monk who was on his travels with the Great Luang Phu Tuad, of Wat Chang Hai, who took him along with him on Tudong Forest Wandering. The legend states that when Luang Por Tuad stopped to ‘Pak Glod’ (set up umbrella and mosquito net for meditation in the forest, he saw that the temple of Wat Chedi and vicinity was full of great treasures, and the temple was empty and without any monks to stay there.
So he told his apprentice the young Samanera Ai Khai, to remain and guard over the temple. Apparently the young Samanera died, and his spirit remained to guard over the temple. Local folk believe that Ai Khai Dek Wat Chedi is empowered to fulfil all wishes, and to be able to invoke lottery wins, and other auspicious blessings. Devotees flock to the temple every day to pay respects and Bucha, and beg for lottery wins, riches, good jobs and for their friends and family to be bestowed with great blessings.